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The World’s Redemption had chapters with titles like the Omnipotence of God, The Omnipotence of God (continued), Chance and Design, The Holy Trinity, The Problem of Evil but not The Problem of Other Worlds or Aliens and their Relation to Christianity. The Secret Kingdom kept completely quiet about the stars. The Origin and Development of Christian Theology had loads of references to Evil but nothing about extraterrestrials. The Encyclopaedia of the Bible had two references on ‘onions’ but nothing on ‘other worlds’.

FIVE STARS “A perfect book for the trainee Atheist. Very, very funny, but with a serious point to it as well. I certainly agree with the other reviewer - the world would be a much better place if everyone read this book. It's also true that whilst at school we all learn about the major beliefs in the world, there is one belief that gets consistently overlooked - the belief that there is no God. This book provides some memorable moments and some great entertainment. ” FIVE STARS “The world would be a better place if everyone read this book.

No one had ever bought anything from the gift shop which was just as well since none of the friars had any idea how the till machine worked or what on earth to do with a credit card. On windy days Brother Falzon and Brother Blackford would sometimes fly kites made from Glow-In-The-Dark-Crucifixes and tin foil on a nearby hill the friars had nicknamed Mount Arat. Once, while flying his crucifix-kite during a storm, Brother Falzon had been struck by lightening. He really had. The lightening had struck him in his left eye.

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