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By Miguel Serrano, Ron McVan, Katja Lane

The paranormal and crucial starting place, perform and philosophy of Wotanism, detailing a complete repertoire of sacred rites and rituals, artwork, poetry, runes, the Havamal and C.G.Jung’s Essay on Wotan. Out of Chaos got here gentle, Out of Will got here existence, with no shape, with no time From iron black house via beads of crystal flame. Cosmic rays of sunshine and sound, Spinning in seas of common ether, Piercing the armatures of spheres. From the Mysteries—it comes. From Legend—it comes. From ancestors of 1000 ages—it comes. The Spirit, the desire, The knowledge, TEMPLE OF WOTAN Holy e-book of the Aryan Tribes research the indigenous ceremonies, rites and customs of the Euro-Pagan culture. the following you can find the data and non secular proposal that feeds the ethnic soul and bridges guy to Nature and the Gods. The cosmic convergence of a dynamic previous and the decaying current calls for reconciliation. The inevitable reaction is a resurgence of Wotanism—a synthesis of folkish spirit and will—promising a destiny Golden Age. Authored and Illustrated by means of Ron McVan Foreword by means of Miguel Serrano creation by way of Katja Lane

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When the Israelites recounted the story of the Exodus, they were not as interested in historical accuracy as we would be today. Instead, they wanted to bring out the significance of the original event, whatever that may have been. Some modern scholars suggest that the Exodus story is a mythical rendering of a successful peasants' revolt against the suzerainty of Egypt and its allies in Canaan. {15} This would have been an extremely rare occurrence at the time and would have made an indelible impression on everybody involved.

Years later Jacob returned from Haran with his wives and family. As he re-entered the land of Canaan, he experienced another strange epiphany. At the ford of Jabbok on the West Bank, he met a stranger who wrestled with him all night. At daybreak, like most spiritual beings, his opponent said that he had to leave but Jacob held on to him: he would not let him go until he had revealed his name. In the ancient world, knowing somebody's name gave you a certain power over him and the stranger seemed reluctant to reveal this piece of information.

Later - we are not sure how, since our sources are incomplete - Baal is brought back to life and restored to Anat. This apotheosis of wholeness and harmony, symbolised by the union of the sexes, was celebrated by means of ritual sex in ancient Canaan. By imitating the gods in this way, men and women would share their struggle against sterility and ensure the creativity and fertility of the world. The death of a god, the quest of the goddess and the triumphant return to the divine sphere were constant religious themes in many cultures and would recur in the very different religion of the One God worshipped by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

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