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122 On the seventh and eighth days see KG ;. 83, 'We have discovered that all the xl Introduction the intellects neither lose their individuality nor their created nature, they are divinized by this union •with Christ and through him •with the Word and the divine Unity and Trinity itself. 124 However, the majority of his ascetic •works •were preserved, read, and highly regarded by the Byzantine monastic tradition either under his own name or under that of Nilus of Ancyra. circumcisions are seven; four of them belong to the sixth day, one of them to the seventh day and the rest to the eighth day'; KG 6.

Antirrhetikos 6. 14, 6. 25, 6. 27, 6. 41. Praktikos z%; Eight Thoughts 6. 2-3, 6. ;,6. 17-18. Praktikos 13, 1,1; Eulogies 14. 14—15, 19. 20, 21. 22; Thoughts 14—15. Eight Thoughts j. 10—\^^\y, Antirrhetikos-f. 9,7. 13,7. 17,7. 29 Thoughts 21; Antirrhetikos j. 3,7. 8, 7. 10, 7. 26, 7. 3 5, 7. 40, 7. 42. Praktikos-^z. Praktikos 14; EightThoughts8. 5— 6; Eulogios 14. 14—15, 31. 33—4. 81 He must remember that every good he has ever received and any attainment he has ever realized have come to him from God's gracious assistance and the mercy of Christ.

54: 23), for scripture says 'He cares about us' (i Pet. 5:7). If you need food or clothing, do not be ashamed of accepting what others bring you, for this is a form of pride. But if you possess a surplus of these things, give to one who needs them. It is in this way that God wants his children to administer their property among themselves. For this reason the Apostle, in writing to the Corinthians, said regarding the needy: 'Your abundance should go to meet their need, so that their abundance [i 2 5 6C] may be for your need, that there may be equality.

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