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By Martine Robbeets, Hubert Cuyckens

This ebook bargains clean views on “shared grammaticalization”, a kingdom wherein or extra languages have the resource and the objective of a grammaticalization strategy in universal. whereas contact-induced grammaticalization has generated nice curiosity in recent times, some distance much less cognizance has been paid to different elements that can provide upward thrust to shared grammaticalization. This e-book intends to place this example correct by means of coming near near shared grammaticalization from an built-in viewpoint, together with areal in addition to genealogical and common motivations and by means of trying to find how one can distinguish among those elements. the amount bargains a wealth of empirical evidence, offered via the world over popular experts, at the Transeurasian languages (i.e. Japonic, Koreanic, Tungusic, Mongolic, and Turkic) ― the languages in concentration ―as good as on numerous different languages. Shared Grammaticalization will entice students and complicated scholars involved in linguistic reconstruction, language touch and linguistic typology, and to a person drawn to grammaticalization thought.

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There are no restrictions on the person value of the pronoun in Portuguese. At present, many Tariana speakers are exposed to the influence of local Portuguese. As a result, some speakers effectively employ the “doubling” construction to refer to unusual and surprising events, with pronouns of any person. 7. In view of the limited materials on Guarequena, it is unclear whether the same patterns exist there. Chapter 2. Areal diffusion and parallelism in drift  In Tariana, -de on its own means ‘have, grab’, and it marks prolonged action with an endpoint in a serial verb construction, where it follows the lexical verb: (22) Tariana nu-dana nu-de-na ...

The Ndu family is the largest in terms of number of speakers and is discontinuous: Manambu and Iatmul are spoken along the Sepik River; Kaunga, Gala, and Ambulas/Wosera dialect continuum are spoken away from the Sepik River; and Boiken is spoken near the coastal areas. The internal classification of the family is in Figure 1. Manambu is in many ways one of the most complex languages of the family (further details are in Aikhenvald 2008, 2009). g. Iatmul) or no personal cross-referencing at all.

This is the case of numerous areas of high genetic and structural diversity – Amazonia and New Guinea among them. Chapter 2. Areal diffusion and parallelism in drift  The processes of language change which underlie linguistic similarities are manifold. The process of grammaticalization – whereby a lexical item acquires grammatical status – is one of these. 1 My aim in this paper is first to contrast the outcomes of grammaticalization as realized in language contact with its outcomes shared by genetically related languages (“long disconnected”).

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