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By Jeanine Treffers-Daller, Roland Willemyns

The present quantity brings jointly sociolinguistic analyses of language touch alongside the Romance Germanic Language Border, laying off extra gentle at the variable and the common parts in language touch and shift. It covers the complete variety of the border, from French Flanders via South Tirol. all the pieces of it's been handled via awesome specialists. They describe the present state-of-the-art in ‘their' element of the language border and comprise details at the criminal and/or functional prestige of the language border and the prestige and serve as of all languages involved. Attitudinal and language making plans tasks in addition to the standardisation prestige of the locally legit and minority languages are mentioned. Language borrowing, code switching and different language touch phenomena are analysed intimately.

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Flemish dialect) speaking communities. For almost a century (and in spite of the deficient methodology) there were (with the exception of Brussels) no significant differences from one census to another (Martens, 1975), a fact demonstrating the remarkable stability of Belgium’s linguistic communities. 2 The territoriality principle A dramatic change occurred from 1932 onward, the year in which the language border became a political issue. A century of struggle by the Vlaamse Beweging [‘Flemish Movement’] in favour of the promotion of Dutch in a country up to then dominated by French speakers had finally resulted in extensive linguistic legislation bringing about the de facto acceptance of the territoriality principle (McRae, 1975), which implied that Flanders was to be governed exclusively in Dutch and Wallonia exclusively in French.

In De Franse Nederlanden – Les-Pays-Bas français 17, 60–74. Vanneste, A. (1972) Le français et le flamand en Flandre française: essai sur le recul de la frontière linguistque. In J. ) Sprachen in Kontakt (Languages in Contact) (pp. 17–35). Tübingen. Dutch/Flemish in the North of France 35 Vanneufville, E. (1979) De l’Elbe à la Somme. L’espace saxon-frison des origines au Xe siècle. Amiens. Willemyns, R. (1997) Language shift through erosion: The Case of the French-Flemish ‘Westhoek’. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development 18, 54–66.

5% of the industrial gross added value was generated in the Flemish region (58% of Belgium’s population). Consequently, the cultural and linguistic balance of power shifted towards Flanders (Willemyns, 1992). The present-day social and economic imbalance between Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia is to be considered potentially disruptive for the continuation of Belgium’s existence, since it requires a considerable amount of so-called ‘solidarity transfers’ from Flanders to Wallonia (for 80%) and from Flanders to Brussels (for 20%).

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