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In Jesus, Gnosis and Dogma Roukema investigates and assesses a number of the perspectives of Jesus in early Christianity, basing his process on a contrast among historic and theological statements approximately Jesus. ancient statements may be arrived at via a severe research of the earliest files, even though Roukema acknowledges that students range greatly right here. Theological statements approximately Jesus are to do with what has been and is assumed approximately him. Roukema demonstrates that Gnostic traditions approximately Jesus ordinarily derive from the sooner traditions preserved within the New testomony writings and don't supply a extra exact view of the historic Jesus. He indicates that the view of Jesus because the divine Lord (Yahweh) and Son of God is electrified through an early Jewish trend that used to be exploited by way of the first actual Christians. regardless of a few later dogmatic precisions, there's extra continuity among the recent testomony photograph of Jesus and the Nicene creed than among the ancient Jesus and the Jesus of early Gnosticism. Even the essence of the Trinitarian dogma seems to be to have Jewish roots.

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30 j esus, Gnosis a11d Dogma the Greek translation o f the boo k of Isaiah, the wo rds 'I am' are spoken several times by the LoRo. ' As stated earliet; in o ur discussion of the Gospel of J ohn we will further examine the meaning of the words 'I am' coming from Jesus' lips. The story of Jesus' entry in Jerusalem (11: 1- 11) is also of importance. At first it is ambiguous if Jesus' statement about the colt, 'the Lord needs it' (11:3 ), refers to himself, to God or to the owner of the colt. However, when he rides into Jerusalem, he is greeted with the words of Psalm 118:26, which read, 'Hosanna!

143- 160 concludes that it is nor apparent from contemporaneous Aramaic texts that at that time the term 'son of man' was a special title. 34 1 Enoch 46:3-4; 48:2; 62:5, 7, 9, 14; 63:11; 69:29; 70:1; 71:1 7 (i n 60:10 and 71:14 Enoch is addressed as 'Son of Man'). The parables of the book of Enoch have only been passed down in Ethiopic (OTP 1). Given that no Aramaic fragments of this have been found in Qumran and on the basis of the al leged historical contex t, J. C. ]. T. Mi lik (1976), The Books of Enoch: Aramaic Fragments of Qumran Cave 4.

210-221 also explains Matthew 23:37 as a reference to Jesus' attempts to bring together Jerusalem before he became a human being. 67 Because this gospel has many passages in common with Mark and Matthew, it corresponds to a large degree with these gospels regarding Jesus' origin and identity. In this gospel too, Jesus is described as the Son of Man, as the Son of God and as the Messiah who is David's Lord (20:41-44). Characteristic for the Gospel of Luke are, among other things, the stories about Jesus' birth.

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