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Figure out of a Conrad novel" (37). om Bombay to Karachi. Sackville-West also makes reference to seemingly more obscure, or at least iess canonicdy-established texts, alluding to Morier's Hajiii Baba (85), for example, without much supplementary elucidation. And in places, she even goes so far as to quote texts without providing specific sources, attributing one quote mereiy to "the Persian poet" (85), and fùniishing another passage fiom Marlowe's Tmburlaine the Great (1 O 1) without mentioning the author or text nom which it is taken.

In S 1, S2, and S4, for example, we see proximal cohesion in the repetition of "1 se," a repetition which serves to echo, and thus reinforce, the "detached" and "isolated" sense of memory Sackville-West highiights earlier. A h , the cohesive ties on the subject of darkness-"shadowy" (SI), "twilight" (S2)-link back to the notion of "blacked out surroundings" established earlier. Thus, an atmosphere of confiision, discomection, or at lem of incompleteness, emerges in Sackville-West's depiction of India, an atmosphere created both by the thematic elements of her writing (as evidenced by statements like "Indiais too vast, too diverse, to be grasped as a whole," and the ùbviously ùonic surnrnary "and that was India" [36]) and by the fiagmentary nature of the fom.

That is, as much of the aim of this passage seems to be to deride Persian extravagance and shabby imitation of English royalty-one cannot help but perceive the mocking dialogism of the utterances, "[tlkgym t have red cloth for the palace servants . ," and "[tlheymusr have a copy of the proceedings of Westminster Abbey . 68 This fact is even more striking in the sentence which foliows the passage 1 have jus cited: The copy [of the p r o c d i g s at Westminster Abbey for the coronation of His Majesty George V] was procured, but, stiff with ceremonid, heavy with regdia, created some consternation; one of the ministers who prided himself on his English came to ask me privately what a Rougedragon Poursuivant was, evidently under the impression that it was some kind of animal.

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