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By Woodrow Kroll

No subject how undesirable it looks-God has a plan.

After 430 years of slavery, issues could not get a lot worse forthe Hebrew humans. After being chased from Egypt and rejected byhis personal humans, issues could not get a lot worse for Moses. Andstanding at the shore of the pink Sea with Pharaoh's military rightbehind, issues could not get a lot worse for God's people.

But it truly is while issues are at their worst that we as believershave the reason for maximum desire. In Exodus: God's Plan, God'sPeople, we are going to see how God got here via for His selected peopleand how He can come via for us this day. we will research that merely inthe presence of God will we absolutely adventure His provision,protection, and gear. allow those fifteen classes motivate youalways to wish and belief in God's ideal plan.

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The real question for us today is not whether these plagues were historical. There’s no question but that they were historical. ” What can we learn from these plagues? What do these plagues show us about God, about Egypt, and about the Israelites? First, the plagues accomplished judgment on Egypt. That was primary in God’s purposes. ” The purpose of the plagues was to bring judgment on people who had rejected God. Second, these plagues showed the superiority of Yahweh to all the other gods. Yahweh (Jehovah) and Yahweh alone is God.

That is the point of what God was doing here. God was looking for Pharaoh and the Egyptians simply to humble themselves before Him; then the plagues would be removed. But the longer it took them to learn this lesson, the more severe the plagues became. 35 We know this principle is true in our lives. The longer it takes us to learn to humble ourselves before God, to recognize that He is sovereign and we are not, the more difficult the trials that occur in our lives. And all the things that we trust as replacements for God eventually disappoint us or are destroyed.

We can group the plagues into three different categories. Three of them can be characterized as the loathsome plagues. The people loathed what these plagues represented. The turning of the waters of the Nile to blood (7:14–25), the frogs on the land (8:1–15) and the gnats on the land (8:16–19), demonstrate God’s absolute power over the sacred things of the Egyptians. He turned their gods (the ancient Egyptians deified many natural things like the Nile and their land) into gruesome and smelly decay.

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