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The Virgin Mary has lengthy been the item of either devotional and scholarly curiosity, and up to date years have obvious a proliferation of experiences on Hindu goddess-worship traditions. regardless of the parallels among the 2, notwithstanding, not anyone has but undertaken a book-length comparability of those traditions. In Divine mom, Blessed Mother, Francis Clooney bargains the 1st prolonged comparative research of Hindu goddesses and the Virgin Mary. Clooney is sort of specific within the box of Hindu stories as a Christian theologian with the linguistic and philosophical services essential to produce refined comparative analyses. construction on his past paintings in comparative theology, he sheds new mild not just on those person traditions but additionally at the nature of gender and the divine.

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That the study of goddesses also illumines and brings new life to reflection on Mary is an additional benefit, but consequent upon my determination to learn from S´rı¯, Devı¯, and Apira¯mi. Since my own Catholic tradition has not adequately prepared me to encounter and think through the traditions of S´rı¯, Devı¯, and Apira¯mi, I have found the Marian traditions a real help in this project; three Marian hymns will serve as portals by which to enter those other, goddess worlds. In the final section of each chapter I review one Marian hymn and explore its strategies for veneration of Mary: the ancient Orthodox Christian Akathistos hymn (“[Sung while] Not Seated”) to the Mother of God (sixth century); the Stabat Mater, picturing Mary standing by the cross of her son (thirteenth century); and the Ma¯taracammanJ Anta¯ti (“Anta¯ti Verses in Honor of the Queen among Women, the Goddess [of Mylapore]),” a Tamil hymn praising Mary as the (new and real) mother of Mylapore, a center of Hindu orthodoxy in south India (nineteenth century).

14) Wholly present among those below, but not wholly absent from those above, such was the uncircumscribed Word; a divine condescension, not a change of place, occurred, a birth from a virgin, rapt by God, who hears this praise— Hail, boundary of the boundless God! Hail, gate of hallowed mystery! 45 46 to mary Hail, ambivalent tidings for those without faith! Hail, indubitable boast for those with faith! Hail, most holy vehicle of the one above the cherubim! Hail, most perfect abode of the one above the seraphim!

How then, S´rı¯, can Your body, so very tender, endure the bruising of my words? (42) Even now Your breasts have yet to reach unblemished perfection, nor have Your gestures, Your glance, brow, and smile, yet lost their naı¨ve artlessness; the combination of childhood and young womanhood in Your every limb imparts a fragrance apt for plunging into the stream of pleasure, as You hold the hand of Your guide, Your lover. (43) O S´rı¯ran˙gam’s queen, O Goddess, Your soft limbs are fragrant, amazing, shining, blooming with tender youthfulness, unfaded, moist with beauty’s ambrosia, cool, threaded with Your charm, 37 38 to s´ rı¯ threaded like flowers, and suited only to adorn Your lover’s breast— but enough from me, this abrupt, confused poet!

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