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There are career opportunities that require years of training, practice, and the development of specialized skills. The monetary rewards for the latter are usually higher than for the former. But you shouldn't consider only the prestige factors or the monetary rewards. As you make your career plan, think of what will make you happy, and then evaluate how much effort it will take Page 8 to achieve that goal. Plan to make the reward you want match the amount of effort you are willing and able to put into it.

These include Poland, Sweden, and Italy. Knowledge of Polish, Swedish, or Italian can be a real advantage to a businessperson. Page 28 Industrialized nations do not trade exclusively with other industrialized nations. They also trade with ''Third World nations," lesser developed countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America that nevertheless buy products from more economically developed countries. And, of course, it is easier to sell something to someone if you speak his or her language. Forcing the client to speak a foreign language in order to place an order with you puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

This is a school's most common response to students who are just learning English. Many schools go even further. They offer bilingual education, teaching subject matter in the student's native language (so the student won't fall behind in science, math, and social studies) while also teaching English as a second language. Reading and writing skills are often taught in both languages. Community Colleges and Universities Most colleges like to have foreign students matriculate for two reasons. First, they enrich the campus social and cultural life, providing American students with broadening experiences of other cultures and peoples.

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