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Comprises nine key rules of management.

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Your leadership style will depend a lot on training, education, experience, environment, values, beliefs, your soldiers and your view of the world. Talk to other leaders that have your style and learn more. Directing Style of Leadership When you tell your soldiers what you want, how, when and where you want it done and then supervise closely to make sure that it gets done, you are using the directing style of leadership. This style of leadership is good for leaders to use when leading soldiers who lack experience or competence for the task.

It can cause you to be relieved from duty and/or the ramifications or consequences that will follow. When you receive new, inexperienced soldiers, you may start training them by using the directing style of leadership. As time goes on, however, and they become more competent, motivated and work well in the combat team, you can start supervising them less, encouraging them to ask for advice and allow them to participate in helping you make plans and decisions. With time, experience and your skillful leadership, you will soon be using the delegating style with your once inexperienced soldiers.

They lack the willpower, purpose, drive and self-discipline that leaders with strong character have. Their traits are out of order. They hesitate, are not consistent and do not attract soldiers. A good leader can have a strong character and immoral values, but a great leader will have strong character and moral values. Your soldiers will judge your character as they notice your day-to-day actions. They will learn if you are wishy-washy, lazy, selfish, open or honest. Soldiers will trust their lives to leaders, based on their judgment of whether or not the leader has strong character traits like courage, candor, competence and commitment.

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