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This booklet is in fine condition. the entire pages are current and fresh with out writing, marking or underlining obvious. The binding is good and tight. The again disguise has small spots the place stickers have been caught different clever the canopy are solid additionally.

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I was joyful the whole day and seemingly oblivious to everything else. I seemed to be in another world, and with great ease I recited twelve thousand Prayers by early evening. I would have liked to continue but I could not go against the directions of the elder. For some days I continued in this manner, joyfully and lovingly calling on the name of Jesus. Then I went to see the elder and told him everything in detail. He listened to me and then said, “Praise be to God that now you have both a longing for the Prayer and that the recitation of it comes easily.

We sat down to table and the officer began his story: “I have served in the army ever since I was quite young. I knew my duties and was a favorite of my superiors as a conscientious officer. But I was young, as were also my friends, and unhappily I started drinking. It went from bad to worse until drinking became an illness. When I did not drink, I was a good officer, but when I would start drinking, then I would have to go to bed for six weeks. My superiors were patient with me for a long time, but finally, for rudeness to the commanding officer while I was drunk, they reduced my rank to private and transferred me to a garrison for three years.

I held the copy of the Philokalia in my hands and was looking for the mentioned section but I was slow in finding it. Then the elder himself turned a few pages and said, “Here it is! I will mark it for you,” and, picking up a piece of charcoal from the floor, he made a mark in the margin where the passage was found. I listened attentively to all that the elder explained and tried to remember it. It was still dark when I woke up, so I lay there and recalled the dream I had and what the elder had told me.

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