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By Ken Smith Larry Evans

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It is a REPRINT, no longer the unique ebook. textual content simply. even supposing in placing forth this little ebook we don't declare that we're filling a "Long felt want," but we do believe that its many attempted and real recipes from our personal housekeepers may be very welcome. We additionally think that it'll not just be welcomed through those that realize the names and benefits of some of the members, yet by way of all housekeepers, old and young.

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Leftovers: The Basic Reheat and the New Creation Leftovers fall into two categories. The first is the basic reheat; in other words, you eat it again just as you prepared it the first time. More interesting for the cook is the creative use of leftovers to make a new dish. Fortunately, both kinds of leftovers have a place in your life. If you’ve made a hearty soup, it is perfectly wonderful reheated, maybe even better. No need to change it. Good is good, even the second time around. ) For a little variety, you can change the side dishes.

You may eat at your desk or grab a bite near the office, and even if you work at home, it’s unlikely that you’ll stop to cook because there is too much to do. Again, weekends may be different, but most solo people I know run a zillion errands on Saturday, see friends Saturday night, and on Sunday see friends, family, or films. They might do some cooking on Sunday for the rest of the week, but it’s a low-key social day and probably an early evening. Now, I realize that some people believe that the obvious solution to cooking for one is a book of only fast and easy recipes.

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