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Chapter 2 STATICS The Science of No Motion In which Archimedes takes a bath and thinks of buoyancy, vectors, and other concepts for which the Greeks, then, had no words. In Chapter 1 we did not discuss physics. Instead, we discussed the framework into which physics seems to fit in a most appropriate way. The beginnings of what we now call physics can be easily traced back to the Greeks, although they were not interested in the erratic and "unnatural" behavior of matter in motion. Their interest was in statics.

20 CHAPTER I the particle from the earth, its lifetime is extended-like my life time was in my travel to Andromeda. This is the most direct proof of extension in time predicted by relativity. Now I can stop with good conscience. I have proved relativity, or at least I have indicated a way such a proof is usually given. But have I convinced you? Do you understand? Relativity is unconventional-is it also absurd? To understand means (in functional terms) to know your way around. In this sense, you do not understand, if you are a novice.

It is true that Archimedes lived in the Greek town on Sicily called Syracuse. The ruler, Heron, was a friend of Archimedes. Heron hired a goldsmith to make a crown for him and when the crown was finished, Heron suspected that the crown was made of gilded silver, instead of gold. Heron would have beheaded the goldsmith if the crown was not gold, but he wanted to be sure whether or not he was cheated. He asked Archimedes to help him, but he would not allow the crown to be harmed. " To think about the problem, Archimedes decided to take a bath, since he did his best thinking in the bath.

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