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By Willard Price

Hal and Roger Hunt crash-land into the center of a pioneering day trip to the unmapped areas of the best jungle on the earth: the Amazon. And whilst their project to discover the uncharted territory of the Pastaza River is going off course... it's the survival of the fittest.

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Private bloody Batten, who was dragged by his hair from between the cottages by a triumphant provost. 'A looter, sir. ' Ayres was smiling. Batten, who grumbled incessantly, who moaned if it rained and made a fuss when it stopped because the sun was in his eyes. Private Batten, a one-man destroyer of flintlocks, who thought the whole world was conspiring to annoy him, and who now stood flinching beneath the grasp of one of Ayres's men. If there were any one member of the Company whom Sharpe would gladly have hanged, it would be Batten, but he was damned if any provost was going to do it for him.

Wellington, it occurred to Sharpe, was using up time. He was waiting for something or someone. Lawford was feeling uncomfortable. The question was one he would rather hear answered by the General. ' Wellington let the figures hang in the air like the dust that shifted silently in the slanting sunlight over his desk. Overhead the feet of the men operating the telegraph still shuffled. The figures, Sharpe knew, were unfair. Massena needed thousands of those men to contain the Guerrilleros, the Partisans, but even so the disparity in numbers was appalling.

Sharpe believed him, but he was not going to give up. ' Ayres raised an eyebrow. ' He turned to his men. ' The tone of Sharpe's voice stopped any movement in the street. ' Ayres swallowed. ' Sharpe raised his voice. ' 'No, sir. ' 'How do you know? The village is deserted. ' Ayres thought about his reply. The village was deserted, the inhabitants gone away from the French attack, but absence was not a relinquishing of ownership. He shook his head. ' He turned again. ' Sharpe bellowed and again movement stopped.

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