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Bestselling writer deals youngster women much more functional devotions according to the phrases of Jesus.

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In an era when prescription drugs, sleeping aids, and other pseudo substitutes for peace are more popular than ever, Jesus’s peace is unique—one of a kind. It’s the kind of inner calm that can keep you from losing it when everything around you is falling apart—a peace and assurance that can exist in the midst of chaos. Why wouldn’t everyone be lining up to receive this kind of peace from Jesus? Why would you look anywhere else for it? If people understood the depth and power of this peace, they wouldn’t settle for anything less.

How would he react to people who claim to know him but act just like the religious leaders that he took to task on a regular basis? Jesus wants you to guard your heart against religious superiority and hypocrisy. He wants you to love and serve and practice humility—in other words, to imitate him. My Prayer Dear God, Please help me to be on the alert for hypocrisy in my life. Teach me to practice inclusive love. Make me more like you. Amen. Stone for the Journey Jesus can keep me authentic and free from hypocrisy.

Be Prepared 46. Hold On! 47. Always Ready 48. Change Is Good 49. When No One’s Looking 50. Perceptions 51. Responsible Faith 52. Timing Is Everything 53. Full Disclosure 54. Eternal Investment 55. Coward’s Reward 56. Before the Dawn 57. Pain to Joy 58. Love in Action 59. Just Ask 60. Best of Both Worlds 61. Love Connection 62. Coming Back 63. Like a River 64. With Open Arms 65. Attention! 66. Jesus’s Gift 67. Incomprehensible 68. All-Out Love 69. Family Ties 70. Prayer Power 71. Lifetime Membership 72.

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