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By A.R. Katritzky, A.J. Boulton and J.M. Lagowski (Eds.)

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292,355 (1959). 100 V. Horhk and N. Kucharczyk, Chem. Ind. (London)694 (1960). 101 N. Kucharczyk, Thesis, Charles University, Prague, 1960. 102 B. Bottcher and A. Luttringhaus, Ann. Chem. 557, 89 (1947). 103 F. Challenger, E. A. Mason, E. C. Holdsworth,and R. Emmott,J. SOC. 98 99 292 (1953). 30 [Sec. 11. 2. R. ZAHRADN~K additional references, see ref. 15). Compound 94 and the vinylogue of trithione (95)are not likely to prove particularly stable. Just as in the unisolable cyclopentadienone, the electronegativity of the exocyclic (94) (95) (96) atom opposes the tendency of the rings in compounds 94 and 95 to complete a x-electron sextet or decet.

Chsm. 76,4957 (1954). 7 1 M. M. Kreevoy, J . Am. Chem. Soc. 80, 5643 (1958). 68 69 E. 22 [Sec. 11. l. R. ZAHRADN~K oxidizability of 1,4-dithiin. 72Solutions of thianthrene in acetic anhydride containing 1yo perchloric acid73or in 96-91yo HzS0474are paramagnetic; this is probably due to the presence of thianthrene radical cations (55) in (55) these media. This view is supported by a study of ESR, electronic, and near-infrared spectra. ESR spectra of 2,l-dimethyl- and 2,l-dichlorothianthrene radical cations have also been studied.

Chem. 69,481 (1967). 110 R. Mayer, J. Franke, V. HorBk, I. Hanker, and R. Zahradnik, Tetrahedron NO. 9, 289 (1961). 120 A. G. Anderson, Jr. and W. F. Harrison, Tetrahedron Letter8 No. 11 (1960). 121 A. G. , W. F. Harrison, R. G . Anderson, and A. G. Osborne, J . Am. Chem. Soe. 81, 1266 (1969). 118 D. 11Ba 34 [Sec. 11. 2. R. ZAHRADN~K Two benzo lZ2, lZ3 and by Leaver et Mayer and his derivatives of thialene have been prepared, 110 and 111 (Fig. 11); various 1,g-disubstituted products of electrophilic substitution reactions120*121 (in agreement with theory) of isothialene and its various (flJ (r0n (W (W FIG.

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