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By Rueben P. Job

A Wesleyan religious Reader offers assets for a 26-week devotional adventure. the amount contains Scripture, non secular readings (primarily charges from the writings of John Wesley), and an essay by means of the writer. This fabric is woven right into a trend for day-by-day prayer and mirrored image. This devotional adventure will lead readers to dwell with Wesley's principles and spirit as a window or automobile for attaining God. one of the 26 topics explored are: Scriptural Christianity; existence in Christ; attaining Out to the negative; The technique of Grace; Holiness of lifestyles; Justifying Grace; The Ministry of All God's humans; Sanctifying Grace; and God's Love and Ours. whereas meant for devotional use via either clergy and laity, pastors also will locate this a useful source for sermon guidance. this excellent consultant to deeper spirituality turns into a adored better half for all who search to develop in religion and data of God.

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However, he meant more by “commemoration” than merely a reminder or memorial .... the point of the Atonement for Wesley was that in Christ’s sacrifice we are convinced of the love of God for us. Celebration of the Lord’s Supper is a primary way in which this conviction is intially sparked and recurrently nurtured. To use language which eucharistic theology has favored in recent years, the communion service “re-presents” Christ’s once-for-all sacrifice in dramatic display, conveying its salvific power.

Commitment to a god that is too small will stifle any hope for a transformed world and dull our efforts to bring such a world into being. We become prisoners to our own weaknesses and the evil of the world when we forget that God is sovereign and God is able. Not only our salvation, but our prayers, our hope, our trust, our work, and our very lives are at risk when we follow a god too small to meet the needs of all of creation. Wesleyan theology never suffered from this weakness. From the very beginning Wesley was clear about the sovereignty of God.

Our social distinctions fall away at this table, and we begin to see each other as sisters and brothers. When we do, there is awakened within us a desire for a fair share of the goodness of creation for each of God’s children. We go from this table determined that the equality and plenty that we experience at the Lord’s Table will be the vision toward which we strive in everyday life in the world. Our daily lives are enriched and ordered by the nourishment we receive, for at this table we not only confess with sorrow our sins and receive God’s forgiveness and restoration, but we also have renewed our vision of how we are to live in relationship to God and to neighbor.

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