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A standard framework less than which a number of the reports on terminology processing should be seen is to contemplate not just the texts from which the terminological assets are outfitted yet relatively the functions unique. the present ebook, first released as a different factor of Terminology 11:1 (2005), analyses the impact of functions on time period definition and processing.

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Their function is especially important with respect to referent-location associations and the encoding of spatial information. Alternatively, a signer may project event space from only one perspective in the course of a narrative. Both Engberg-Pedersen (1993) and Leeson & Saeed (2002) note a semantic-pragmatic convention or preference for encoding events, especially transitives, from the point of view of an agentive referent. In terms of signing perspective, this means that signers prefer to map an animate referent onto the body and project a life-sized event space from that character’s perspective.

Previous research on the simultaneous use of different perspectives The simultaneous representation of referents on both observer and character event space scales has not been widely discussed in the literature, but is recognized as a frequent phenomenon in narratives by the researchers who have studied it (Liddell 1998, 2000, 2003; Liddell & Metzger 1998; Fridman-Mintz & Liddell 1998; Dudis 2002, 2004; Engberg-Pedersen 1993; Aarons & Morgan 2003; Morgan 2002). Liddell and Dudis use mental spaces and conceptual blending theories (cf.

Spoken languages rely on the oral production and aural perception of sequentially ordered elements. g. tone, the sequentialization of phonemes determines a primarily linear organization of morphosyntactic structure. Signed languages, on the other hand, are produced and perceived in the visual-spatial modality, and rely on the manipulation of articulators within three dimensional space. The use of space for linguistic expression affords the notion of simultaneity a special status in signed language, and indeed simultaneous patterning and marking characterizes signed language at all levels of linguistic analysis, including phonology, morphology, and syntax.

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