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By Laurens van der Post

This can be a tale of a nearly vanished Africa; a global of delusion and magic during which the indigenous peoples of the continent lived for uncountable centuries sooner than the Europeans got here to shatter it.

The major personality is a boy who has a courting with this Africa no longer not like Kipling's Kim with the vintage global of India. François Joubert, whose Huguenot ancestors settled in Africa 300 years in the past, lives as a solitary baby on his father's farm. 'Hunter's Drift'. right here, within the some distance inside of Africa, he stories the beauty and secret of an ageless, common primitive existence, his belief of it heightened by means of the effect of 3 humans specifically - his Bushman nurse, the pinnacle herdsman of the neighborhood Matabele extended family (his father's selected companions within the pioneering of Hunter's Drift), and a hunter of mythical popularity, now the executive ranger of an enormous online game reserve nearby.

François' assembly with an untamed Bushman, Xhabbo, whose intuitive educating nourishes his spirit; his unusual pilgrimage to the far away krall of a strong witch-doctor; his dramatic stumble upon and dating with the daughter of a retired colonial governor; all are examples of African element and ecu counterpoint, in a hugely unique subject matter, relocating to a surprisingly presaged and omened climax.

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