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By John Le Carré

Magnus Pym, score diplomat, has vanished, believed defected. The chase is on: for a lacking husband, a faithful father, and a undercover agent. Pym's lifestyles, it's published, is solely made of secrets and techniques. ruled via a father who's additionally a self assurance trickster on an epic scale, Pym has from the age of seventeen been managed through mentors. it truly is those , racing one another and time itself, who're orchestrating the quest to discover the precise secret agent ...

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However, President John F. Kennedy’s secretary of defense, Robert McNamara, decided to allow the services to retain tactical intelligence and transfer strategic military intelligence to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), which was established in 1961 as the intelligence arm of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. S. intelligence agencies to score some impressive successes during the 1960s. S. intelligence did forecast the Sino-Soviet split in 1962, the development of the Chinese atomic bomb in 1964, the deployment of new Soviet strategic weapons, the Arab-Israeli War in 1967, and the Soviet antiballistic missile (ABM) system in 1968.

June: President John F. Kennedy meets with Soviet premier Khrushchev in Vienna. 30 November: President Kennedy authorizes “Operation Mongoose,” covert operation to remove Castro. 1962 Defense Intelligence School established. 10 February: Soviet spy Rudolph Abel (William Fischer) is exchanged for U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers. April: SR-71 spy plane makes its first flight. 14 October: CIA discovers Soviet medium-range missiles in Cuba. 27 October: President Kennedy goes on nationwide television to announce “quarantine” of Cuba; the height of Cuban Missile Crisis.

Federal Bureau of Investigation establishes the National Security Threat List (NSTL). 8 March: Second version of LACROSSE radar imaging satellite launched. May: President George H. W. Bush signs “finding” for covert operations in Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein. ) 1 July: Warsaw Pact disbanded. 1992 Intelligence Community Staff (ICS) becomes the Community Management Staff (CMS). 1993 Defense Intelligence College renamed Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC). American peacekeepers killed in Somalia.

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