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By Sarah Helm

In the course of international struggle the precise Operation Executive's French part despatched greater than four hundred brokers into Occupied France -- no less than a hundred by no means again and have been pronounced 'Missing Believed Dead' after the warfare. Twelve of those have been ladies who died in German focus camps -- a few have been tortured, a few have been shot, and a few died within the fuel chambers. Vera Atkins had helped organize those girls for his or her missions, and whilst the struggle used to be over she went out to Germany to determine what occurred to them and the opposite brokers misplaced in the back of enemy lines.

But whereas the lady who conducted this striking project seemed quintessentially English, she used to be not anything of the kind. Vera Atkins, who by no means married, coated her lifestyles in secret in order that even her closest kin knew virtually not anything of her prior. In A existence IN secrets and techniques Sarah Helm has stripped away Vera's many veils and -- with unparalleled entry to reputable and personal papers, and the cooperation of Vera's family members -- vividly reconstructed a rare existence.

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Despite the reliance on the recruitment by mail of military retirees, there was an example of a German agent undertaking a mission to Great Britain when in 1935 Dr. Herman Goertz was convicted of photographing airfields of the Royal Air Force in southern England and imprisoned. In another significant incident, Mrs. Jessie Jordan, a German-born hairdresser in Dundee, was found to have acted as a mailbox, receiving and redirecting mail from agents across the world, including Sergeant Gunther Rumrich in New York.

The American-educated president of Afghanistan, Hafizmullah Amin was shot dead during Operation OAK, the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan, over Christmas 1979, during which the KGB, supported by GRU Spetsnaz troops, had surrounded the Duralamin Palace in Kabul. The assassination had been authorized by Yuri Andropov, one of the four members of the Politburo on 12 December, the others being Brezhnev himself, Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, and Defense Minister Dmitri Ustinov. As the elite 105th Guards Air Assault Division landed in Kabul and Bagram and four motorized rifle divisions poured over the Oxus River, two battalions of paratroops fought their way into the palace complex and took control while the KGB and Spetsnaz teams put Amin and his supporters up against a wall and shot them on 27 December.

Commissions of inquiry, inquests, and numerous parliamentary and congressional committees have investigated Pearl Harbor, 9/11, allegations of misconduct against the CIA, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, massacres during the Mau-Mau campaign, shootings of Provisional Irish Republican Army suspects in Gibraltar, Israeli bombings in Egypt, the Stasi files in Germany, the plot to assassinate Pope John Paul II, Royal Canadian Mounted Police abuses in Quebec, the failings of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization in Australia, the excesses of the Bureau of State Security in South Africa, and even a rather lame French probe into the Greenpeace debacle.

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