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The sequence builds an intensive number of top of the range descriptions of languages world wide. each one quantity deals a accomplished grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if applicable, a glossary and different proper details that's to be had at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language family members or quarter, and even supposing detailed recognition is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and worthy remedies of higher identified languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive ordinary of clinical caliber.

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A Grammar of Supyire

The sequence builds an in depth selection of prime quality descriptions of languages worldwide. each one quantity bargains a finished grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a thesaurus and different correct info that is to be had at the language in query.

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Weiηε leaf [werjg] cf. weege [we:Re] ca'ilcedrat (Kyaya senegalensis) cf. yogo quarrel [yoRo] [qoro] The rule which converts approximants to corresponding stops helps in the detection of /w/ + secondary release before back vowels and /y/ + secondary release before front vowels. A verb in an intransitive future clause takes a nasal prefix, and if the first consonant of the verb is an approximant, it is converted to the corresponding stop. It is then easy to hear if secondary 28 Chapter 2: Phonology release follows or not.

The initial /w/ of the deictic locative adverb wanf 'there' is frequently dropped when it directly follows a verb. The final vowel of the verb assimilates (if it is unstressed) or coalesces (if it is stressed) with the now initial /a/ of the adverb, as illustrated in the following examples: (19) a. U a kärääni. 1. Consonants 19 b. U jiye ani. 4. Nasals It is almost possible to analyze the nasal stops as nasalized variants of approximants which occur before nasal vowels. This would be in line with the hypothesis of Bole-Richard (1982) that proto-Niger-Congo had no nasal consonants, but had nasalized vowels.

The following discussion will deal with stops and fricatives first, postponing nasals and approximants till later due to complications which they present. Secondary release following labials and preceding front vowels is a voiceless or voiced palatal fricative ([(] or [3]) or simply a [y]. Examples with /p/ and /{/ are: (23) pyi do [Ρ9>] cf. ugly pyenge family [pSgRa] cf. tasteless pyä child [P5 a l cf. pa [pa] come [fi] fy) python [f9i] fyeere urinate [fje:re] fyää hurry [f 9 a:] cf. IMP cf. GlP cf.

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