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By Sebastian Fedden

Mian is an endangered non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language of the okay family members spoken within the Highlands fringe in western Papua New Guinea through nearly 1,400 audio system. This grammar is the 1st accomplished description of the language with precise research of tone, gender and clause chaining. The research is predicated on basic box info recorded by way of the writer. The publication incorporates a selection of totally glossed and translated texts and a observe list.

Winner of the 2013 ALT Gabelentz Award

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Extra info for A Grammar of Mian

Sample text

Any word which is unmarked in the orthography has low tone. g. táang ‘flint, lighter’ and éil ‘pig’. Throughout this grammar, words given orthographically will be in italics, phonemic representations will be marked by slashes and phonetic representations by square brackets. For example, orthographic táang ‘flint, lighter’, phonemic /LHta/, and phonetic [tá]. 1. Consonants Mian has 15 consonantal phonemes. There are six stops, three fricatives (including /h/), three nasals, one lateral glides, and two semivowels.

Glosses have been changed to fit my interpretation of the Mian data. 2. Orthography in the examples For the sake of consistency, I keep the practical orthography developed by Smith and Weston (1974a) in this grammar. 9. The orthography in the examples is to a large extent phonemic with some instances of morphophonemic spelling. Regular phonological processes, such as assimilation of /n/ to [m] before /b/ are not incorporated into the orthography. I will however use phonetic spelling for /l/ to improve readability.

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