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2 1 7 xin innx*) / p x a i p n p i p i B ] T H D D I p ^ T O i X nuwaiTOW,for t h e H o l y O n e b l e s s e d maixn n x p n"npnw G e n R 8 2 . 8, 9 8 5 : 7 be H e judges the nations s e a t e d p u n c t i l i o u s a s t o t h e l a w a n d with p a t i e n c e . A n d a f t e r w a r d s h e s t a n d s u p and becomes an adversary against them, v D l p n ^ l X , 7 P 0 . ] X , read: D I ^ T O i X . V / / Y a l k G e n 136 ( 7 0 0 ) , i b i d l s 3 9 6 , M a c h l s 3 . 1 3 , 2 9 : D ^ T t ^ X , M a c h J o e l 4 .

On pi form see LW1, 178, and cf ibid 218. Note that nriDntP Oip^nx translates defensor civitatis, which in turn corresponds to SKSIKOQ. See Mason 42a; Berger 428a; Jones, The Greek City, Oxford 1940, 151. CGL 3, 276 : 23 EKSIKOQ uindex; ibid480a: defensor iKSiKoq. Wartski, Leshon ha-Midrashim 191. Syr: Dip*™, PnS 23, Bruns-Sachau 14 , 24 , Bar Bahlul 23. 8 15 O f l W T B i K ( 9 ) j u d i c i a l a s s e m b l y : dyopd B G i t 8 8 b (line 2 2 ) : naw nnb pprnV *otti nnx ( + pi t e r m ) nWHtlK *n n n X W D I p D b'D H&IX pDIB " 1 rPH DiPrTO D"tfX ^''nDID, R .

3 9 : KW0DK. (2) G e n R 9 7 . 2 , 1 2 4 1 : too rmn , r r . v m n na . m a t a n p 1 7 mataV Tiaa pVnV V w a ,*lDTlp n a v o a x [tan] p rrt> •''Xp, H e rereived a p o s i t i o n (of h o n o u r ) from t h e i m p e r i a l a u t h o r i t y . W h e n h e w o u l d c o m e h o m e , his g r a n d f a t h e r w o u l d s t a n d u p before h i m , t o p a y r e s p e c t t o t h e i m p e r i a l a u t h o r i t y . See KraussPR 116. On meaning (1), see MM 5 la sv dfyko; Deissmann, Bible Studies, 1901, 92-93.

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