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Therefore, the current regional initiative xxix A BRIEF HISTORY OF BOLIVIA promised to accelerate Bolivia’s future economic development overall, but especially in the less accessible and historically neglected lowland regions of the interior. In this way, the government hoped that a redefined and proactive strategy of continental regionalism would serve multiple purposes by also deflecting the internal divisiveness and traditional parochialism among the different regions of the country. Powerful regional forces within Bolivia influenced the country’s history and socioeconomic development.

Several ayllus formed a federation of ayllus. The primarily agricultural economy was organized around the communal cultivation of the native potato and highland grains. 6 THE ANCIENT INDIAN PEOPLES Aymara cosmology and religion centered on nature and the sun, moon, and stars. Viracocha, or Pachacámac, was the powerful creator god; Khuno, the dark deity of evil; and Pachamama (Mother Earth), the feminine deity of fertility. D. 1460, the aggressive and imperialistic Inca swept down from the north and rapidly conquered the decentralized kingdoms of the Aymara people.

Within a year, the great capital of Cuzco capitulated and the victorious Spanish marauders regrouped and marched against the recalcitrant Indians of Bolivia’s altiplano. 13 The Inca Huáscar, who inherited half the empire from his father, Inca Huayna Capac. ” Atahuallpa was later captured and killed by the Spanish. (Art Today) 2 Colonial Bolivia (1532–1780) We came here to serve God, but also to get rich. Bernal Díaz del Castillo (Hamill 1992, 14) S ome of the prophecies of the Indian peoples of the Americas foretold the arrival of the Spanish, but nothing could have prepared the native population of Bolivia for the stunning impact of the brutal, avaricious conquerors who came in search of gold, silver, gems, and—as an afterthought—to Christianize native populations in the name of the cross and the Crown.

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