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By Bob Barnes

Bob Barnes, writer of the preferred 5-Minute Bible exercises for Men, offers busy males with extra insightful, to-the-point devotions to aid them observe God's knowledge and use it on their day-by-day lives. along with his trademark down-to-earth type, Bob encourages males to

  • use God's observe as their guiding force
  • build a starting place of religion in all parts in their lives
  • lead their households with biblical principles
  • develop a prayer existence that's wealthy, genuine, and practical
  • walk with God every day with conviction and gratitude a superb present for fathers, grandfathers, sons, and uncles—any guy desirous to rework his existence via average interactions with God. Rerelease of Men below Construction.
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    God sets limits, but even within those limits Satan brings great loss and immeasurable pain to Job. In a quick series of catastrophes, Job loses his business, his wealth, his health, and all ten of his children. At this point, Job’s wife tells him to curse God and die (Job 2:9). In the midst of such devastation, would Job remain a man of God, or would he reject the God who had once so richly blessed him? Is Job a man of character or merely a fair-weather follower of God? As the rest of the book of Job unfolds, we see that Job remains God’s man and, by doing so, offers us many valuable lessons for life.

    Now turn to Job 42:10–16 and see how our faithful God responds to His people who have faith in Him. May that passage give you hope when the circumstances of life bog you down. 2 Prayer Father God, thank You for all You can teach me through the life of Job. Thank You for showing me the importance of faith that has staying power. May my life reflect the endurance of Job, whatever comes my way. Amen. Action Think about specific struggles you’ve passed through and how you responded. Was your faith strengthened, or was a weakness of faith revealed?

    If not that, what? Each of us is being nudged by God to make a change. Not until we say “yes” to God are we going to get some relief from our pain. We must be willing to change our boots. Prayer Father God, if You tell me to change boots I’m willing and ready to change. I know that You have my good in front of You. I trust You with my life. I want to be the man You want me to become. Amen. Action Ask God what boots He wants you to surrender…and then go buy a new pair of “tennis shoes”—that is, take off what God has asked you to let go of and take hold of what He has asked you to pick up.

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