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Got three mins, mother? you will discover the religious pick-me-up you wish with those just-right-sized readings and prayers created only for you! This pleasant devotional packs a strong dose of convenience, encouragement, and idea into dozens of 3-minute readings designed to satisfy you correct the place you're in lifestyles. Minute 1: meditate on a scripture choice; Minute 2: learn via a devotional created only for you; Minute three: learn a prayer designed to aid jump-start your dialog with God. In three brief mins, you may be in your strategy to entire non secular refreshment!

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He caresses our faces with the warmth of fresh sunshine and makes us smile at the birds’ morning chatter and songs. He whispers that He loves us and that He has great plans for us to follow. He reminds us that we don’t have to face the day alone. The problem is, answering a squawking alarm clock and focusing on morning routines can steal our attention from God’s gentle wake-up call. We jump from bed and rush to get out the door. We think ahead to things that will need our attention that day in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the game.

Give me the courage to be clean and honest with You so I can get through whatever problems I’m facing. Amen. ” MATTHEW 3:17 NIV Each of us has a need for approval and positive feedback, and we moms can become the biggest cheerleaders in our children’s lives. Rewards can be as simple as stickers or a piece of candy, or as “grown up” as a later curfew, an expanded phone plan, or spending money for a special occasion. But as much as our children can appreciate the material rewards, our positive words to them might be the best—and most lasting—gift of all.

We plan time to read the Bible and pray, we look forward to church each Sunday, we focus on following God’s directions. Then, for whatever reason, we enter a not-so-close phase. Other things fill our days, and we drift away from God. If something extreme happens, we might consciously turn our backs on God and pretend He’s not a part of our lives at all. Whatever we may think or feel, God is never out of our lives. Just like Lauren and other parents of prodigals are eager to welcome their children back home, God will wait for us however long we’re away.

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